Tuesday 22 August 2017
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Category: Situation Update


Protest Monitoring Update: May 15, 2016

TweetOn May 15, 2016, Federal Alliance, an alliance of 29 different Madhesi, indigenous communities, Tharu and other political parties and...

Situation Update

HR Update in the Aftermath of Tikapur Incident: Ensure Fair Trial

Tweet 6 APRIL 2016 58 charged against the killing of security personnel in Tikapur For their alleged involvement in the Tikapur violent...

Situation Update

Govt. needs to ensure right to fair trail in Mahottari

TweetMarch 25, 2016 We received reports that around three dozens of local activists and leaders from Mahottari districts had fled to India...

Situation Update

Nepal UPR Update from Terai Human Rights Perspective

TweetNHRC Commissioner recommends to accept probe into Terai incident On the occasion of 31st Session of Human Rights Council related to...